Mother & Daughter
Hank's Dynasty - Reg #10611830

Dynasty & Lil Dy

SNSD Blings Jewel - Reg #10627914 Jewel's Daughter - Ruby
Red #10716351
Goodwin Farms Pivots Pretty Gal GF5 Goodwin Farms Powers Red Tail Girl Go Dog Go Lassie
Reg #10640264

Red Gate Power In The Blood kids just keep getting better!!! Overall Grand Champion Fullblood Doe at the Fall Harvest Show in Dover, OH. GF5 Goodwin Farms Power and Spice.

Princess Kate's Daughter
Scarlett Bee - Reg #10683117
Goodwin farms
Princess Kate - Reg #10607451
Goodwin farms - CZ Flower Power
Reg #10607447
Lady In Red
Goodwin Powers
Greenbriar Rose
Red Rose
Briar Rose Cocoa BBT Splenda
*Doe of Excellence
Shill Sugarland
Power and Spice